What the heck is Inuhele? Here are some handy thoughts we had on the subject.

Inuhele. (n.) - Cocktail Journey.

1. We want to aid and abet people discovering the tiki love that is in Atlanta; homebars, bars and restaurants, and craftspeople/artists. Atlanta has vibrant tiki scene now and a rich Polynesian pop history.

2. We want to provide a quality event at base ticket price, with a limited number of premium add on experiences.

3. We want to break even and have fun. This event is not looking to make a profit. If profits are realized we will be using them to find more things for the next event.

4. We want to encourage real-life connection and interaction between any tikiphiles who want to show up and have a great time.

5. We want to inform and educate about the various scenes that compose tiki, but for us the most important thing is the sense of community and connection from attending a backyard luau thrown by a friend. We encourage a "big tent mentality."

6. We recognize mid-century modern/Polynesian pop as a specific American art style lasting from around 1933 to 1976 (excellently described and demarcated by Sven Kirsten in his book and including 'pre-tiki, beachcomber, tiki, and tiki devolution styles.) We also recognize Tiki revival (1988-2000), Craft Cocktail (2000-2010), and "3rd wave" Tiki (2011-2018) as different, related, scenes with their own features...I look forward to discussing them all with you endlessly! *(All time periods, facts, and times approximated)

Thank you! Aloha & Mahalo! Allison & Jonathan