Mystery Men?

The Mystery Men? are the enigmatic figures of instrumental surf. Frenetic at times, dark and moody at others, the 5 piece conundrum takes you on a reverb drenched journey through the shadows. Straddling the threshold of old and new, The Mystery Men? take elements of spy music, spaghetti western, a small hint of metal and blend them with the sensibilities of the traditional surf genre.


Kinky Waikiki

Kinky Waikiki is starting a movement - starting in the classic Athens Georgia , taking cocktail hour to the next level. Kinky Waikiki is a pedal steel guitar based instrumental group who bring their retro Pacific sounds to luau parties, lounge gigs, Tiki festivals like the Hukilau in Fort Lauderdale. Quickly becoming known as Tiki torch bearers, the laid back group brings you maximum R & R. Each band member has vast experience in many musical styles, but they all enjoy kicking it back a notch with Hawaiian, Exotic Lounge, and Surf flavors. Their several hour catalog of songs pulls from a mix of retro inspired originals and renditions of vintage standards. Their cover songs are their own take on 1930s to 1960s Hawaiian standards, Duke Ellington, Santo and Johnny, The Ventures, Beachboys, classic movie themes and more. Their Album of all original compositions, the self titled Kinky Waikiki, is available on Vinyl, CD, and downloads.


When Ukulele's Attack‽

While cave-diving off the coast of Uketania, three amateur spelunkers accidentally disturbed a nest of wild ukuleles.  The explorers were mauled savagely, but a side effect of the bites caused two of them to instantly become adequate ukulele players, and one of them to become a blue gorilla who plays bass for some reason.  More importantly, the toxins boiling in their blood now compelled them to team up and spread the venom of ukulele music far and wide, as the band....WHEN  UKULELE'S ATTACK‽


Chris & Butch

'Ukulele/bass combo performing traditional Hawai'ian language songs, and modern island favorites.

Open mic & Big Uke Jam

There will be an ongoing opportunity for uke enthusiasts to sign up for time slots to play, as well as our Big Uke Jam which will have songbooks for co-ordinated uke playing and singing. Details to come.