LAVALava Revue & Conga WILL RETURN!


What is a lavalava?

The Lava-lava (or Pareo) is a unisex Polynesian garment like a wrap skirt, commonly worn by men.  

We want all our fellas and ladies to show up and show off their lavalava, answer a question or two from our panel of the loudest, most entertaining judges we can find like Margo Scott of Rocket Betty Designs, and showcase a talent.  

Mark Hooper presiding! Then the winner will lead everyone on a Conga line through the hotel. Just because.


How do I enter?

Everyone in a lavalava, pareo, sarong, or similar can be in the show. Dress to impress.

You can grab a lavalava at our Trading Post or Bazaar, or a handy sarong or tablecloth and join day of!  You can also fill out this snazzy webform and be listed below, if, you know, you do things in advance.

Don't forget, you can send us questions for the contestants as well! (below)


What do I win?

First, you get to come watch the first Lavalava revue: the talent show with SNARK. You get to watch how far off the rails this goes.  TBD


Drop us a line!

I want to be in the Lavalava revue, talentshow & Conga!


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