2020 Seminars, Panels, & Classes

Currently adding descriptions! We'll have multip tracks of panels from 3pm Friday through 1pm Sunday, including an entire "Tipsy Crafting" track with free or low cost crafting panels.

Witco Décor, The Art And History Of William Westenhaver

Speaker: Ken & Heather Pleasant

Ken and Heather Pleasant of Pleasant Tiki, a Witco Décor® Company, will be sharing pictures and discussing the life, the art, and the influence of their grandfather, William Westenhaver.  William Westenhaver was the creative genius behind Witco Décor, the largest distributer of carved tiki style décor and furnishings from the mid 1950’s until the mid 1970’s.

Our website  www.pleasanttiki.com 

IG   http://instagram.com/pleasanttiki

FB   https://m.facebook.com/ken.pleasant

Panel: Friday 5 pm - 6:30pm in The Jungle


Sven Kirsten

Speaker: Sven Kirsten

We’re elated to announce we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Book of Tiki with none other than Sven Kirsten himself!

Sven Kirsten was born in 1955 in the port town of Hanburg, Germany. He was supposedly conceived on a freighter of his grandfather’s Hamburg-Chicago line between America and Germany (those were long trips). The sailor’s bars of the Reeperbahn red light district and the curiosities of the Hamburg Anthropology Museum formed the fertile soil to inspire Sven to follow the call to other distant shores in 1980.
After a brief stint at the San Francisco Art Institute, he continued his education as cinematographer at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. In parallel to lighting and shooting music videos and features, he began to pursue his hobby of urban archeology. Over the last ten years, he has photographed and collected the remnants of the vanishing Tiki cult in America. He hopes that his Book of Tiki adequately represents the visual seductiveness of this unique, never-before-recognized facet of American pop culture.

Sven is the man behind books that include The Book of Tiki, The Art of Tiki, Tiki Modern, Tiki Pop, and Tiki Style (https://www.amazon.com/…/B001K1N9…/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1)
Join us in welcoming Sven back to the east coast while gaining valuable information on America’s history in Tiki. Sven explains how America is responsible for its own brand of the Polynesian vision and Polynesian Pop art.

Sven fun fact: His favorite tiki drink is a Navy Grog!

IG: @sventiki

When Allison and I started gettin


Theme-parking your Homebar

Speaker: Typhoon Tommy

Typhoon Tommy is scenic artist in the theme park industry. During his 9+ year career he has worked on projects for all Orlando theme parks and various museums and restaurants across the country. Most notably one involving a particular magic boy... He is also the designer and fabricator of the Suffering Bastard in Sanford Florida. His love of creating and painting fits perfectly with his love of the Tiki Culture and History. He will be going over theming ideas and fabrication tips in a panel as well as teaching a class on scenic and aging techniques to take your home bar to the next level!

(photo credit  Svienn Photography)


Aloha Atlanta! - History of Tiki in Atlanta

Speaker: Paul Senft


Tapa cloth, Tiki Gods, and Peachtree punch are all part of what makes the Atlanta Tiki scene great!  Join writer and seminar host Paul Senft as he shares the evolution and vibrant history of Tiki in Atlanta. In this seminar we will discuss the pre and post-World War II rise of Tiki, the locales of days gone by, and the cities modern Tiki landscape.  Come experience what is sure to be a lively conversation about the past and present world of Tiki in the Empire City of the South.

Freelance Writer/Reviewer- Spirits and Travel

Founder of www.RumJourney.com


Exotica - The Music of Tiki

Speaker: james Honeycutt

Are you looking to create a killer soundtrack for your Tiki Bar? There are many genres that can work in a Tiki Bar soundtrack. But the genre that is most at home in a Tiki Bar is Exotica. Exotica is a style of music popularized in the 1950's and 1960's in America; it features atmospheric music designed to set a mood of faraway tropical lands. It gets its name from the 1957 Martin Denny album of the same title. James Honeycutt will guide you on a tour of Exotica and give you a start on soundtrack that sets the mood and complements the personality of the bar. With special live musical guests!


Down & out in Rapa Nui

Speaker: Jeremy Cash Dollar

Ever wanted to go to Easter Island, the isolated, world famous, Rapa Nui?


Travels with Ms.Swizzlestick

Speaker: Nicole Powell

Nicole CONSTANTLY travels and seeks out tiki adventure, and her instagram feed is a wild ride of colorful images and experiences, from Disney groups runs to checking out new tiki bars...listen to some of her adventures and reviews in person.

I’ve been around tiki for quite some time, as I grew up with it in Johns Creek, GA.  My mom (with the help of my dad) built out a room in the basement….her escape from suburban blandness – and I recall them throwing some festive parties!  Mom’s “Tiki Bar” featured  her travel collections and memorabilia from her childhood.  I liked the ambience, and It was always interesting to look at all the décor.  Other tiki outings included special occasions at Trader Vics/Atlanta – always an adventure! 

When I turned 21, tiki took on a whole new meaning!  I discovered tiki drinks!  At first, I just liked how fun and delicious they were, but I became more serious about the art of the tiki cocktail when I upped my tiki game.  I now travel to tiki conventions (often with my mom) and/or try to visit a tiki bar when I get the opportunity to travel to other cities.  I’m now quite the collector, too!!  I enjoy my tiki mugs, swizzle sticks and tiki attire, not to mention all the great new tiki friends that I’ve met along the way! 


Surf Music 101

Speaker: James Honeycutt

Cowabunga! Listen up surf bums and hodads, it's time to bust out your huarache sandals, load up the woodie and meet us on the beach. If you dig Dick Dale, Fender guitars with drippy reverb and the surf scene, come join the party and enjoy some killer surf tunes while learning about the history of Surf Music and Culture. James Honeycutt is a Surf Music fanatic and travels to Surf Music festivals and is one of the principals of Atlanta's South Surf Stompfest.


Tiki cocktail 201

SpeakerS: TBA

We have some excellent pro tiki bartenders and owners lined up to share tips and experiences to help you up your cocktail game.


Tikiphiles united!

Moderator: Jonathan M. Chaffin

What was your first tiki mug?  Favorite drink?  First time you ended up with a lampshade on your head?

Come meet your fellow tikiphiles to share experiences and style while building and supporting the southeast tiki community. Not really into icebreakers or networking? (We see you introverts!) We'll have a quiet area with a great view of the room and activities.

Either way, you won't want to miss this because we will have small group Q&As, games, and a free prize inside!

Come and go as you like. This is brought to you and conducted by Jonathan of Horror In Clay.


UKE 101

Speakers: Chris DeGirolamo & Butch Pierce

Intro to Ukulele with the incomparable Chris DeGirolamo & Butch Pierce! Sponsored by Uke Republic


Disney Sing-along karAoke

DJ Loud Lion

This one is a nod to our beloved volunteers (this was requested by multiple) and the deep love for Disney a lot of tikiphiles tend to share. We'll have Disney Karaoke F night.



Various instructors

We will have an entire track of classes and crafts, check out the tab at the top of the site.