Enamel Pins


savage Lime

1.75 inch enamel pin. Glows in the dark!

First up on our journey; the drums pound in the distant jungle, and we encounter....The Savage Lime!  This fearsome but friendly fellow has been ritually zested to create intricate Maori inspired designs. He will be our guide on this year's Inuhele as we trek towards the fearsome volcano at the center of the island.



Shrunken head cherry twins pin

1.5inch enamel pin.  1 in 5 randomly assorted has glittery red enamel. 

Next we encounter....The Cherry Twins!  Sweet & Sour, these juicy folks live deep in lower river valley on the east side of the island. They are represent a different warrior tribe and take delight in battle. Frequent scars from being speared and a penchant for taking trophies contribute to their fearsomeness. Never fear; the cheery twins are loyal and fierce friends!



Inuhele Logo Pin

1.75 inch tall enamel pin

Above the jungle canopy rises the majestic Inuhele Volcano. Worshiped by dark, the fierce crags are home to all manner of fearsome denizens and huge birds.  The volcano itself is host to a spirit of fire, flame and sparks...a huge spectral Phoenix which rises when the volcano is feeling fiery.