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Tiki Tango


Tiki Tango is an amazing large tiki bar in Atlanta with 3 floors and 2 decks worth of lush poly-pop decor, amazing cocktails, and delicious small plates.

After 20 years in business, the owner of Lava Lounge, Scott McCray has teamed up with local designer/artist Frank Simotics aka Tiki Rancher to create a hideaway oasis in Midtown Atlanta. Tiki Tango, a three-story tiki bar features custom tiki carvings, original art and rare antiquities from around the world. Total escapism was the designer’s vision, carved out a 1920s bungalow the space boasts many private nooks and areas to explore. Located at 57 13th st NE Atlanta, it sits in the shadow of the Four Seasons and new Moxie hotel. Opening for happy hour at 5pm – till 2am Tuesday through Thursday and 5pm – 3am Friday and Saturday nights. 

The venue has a delicious array of traditional and modern tiki drinks in custom mugs and specialty glassware. Small bites will also be offered on the menu. The musical vibe is vintage exotica classics to the blistering riffs of surf guitar and live entertainment. The “Flamingo Room” is on the top floor with a peaked roof and skylights allowing guests to see the midtown skyline while being under bamboo and thatch. The “Tango Room” is located in the basement and has a full dance floor and a 30 ft custom red bar. The Main deck is the home of the two giant cedar tiki carvings, a real lava wall and the “Tiger’s Den”, a vip lounge within the bar. One of the many features of Tiki Tango is a huge two-story projection wall that will be broadcasting live sunsets from around the world via high resolution web cams - a first in the Tiki World! 

Tiki Tango is a place you go to escape the everyday routine – Adventure and Mystique awaits. 


SOS Tiki Bar

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Spiribam Fine Spirits


When Ukuleles Attack?!

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Royer Corporation

Swizzle Stick Manufacturer and Sponsor

If you collect swizzle sticks, chances are most of em are from Royer!

Known for innovative injection molding, cutting-edge digital printing and an unsurpassed commitment to exemplary products and service, Royer Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of custom swizzle sticks, beverage stirrers, picks and a variety of branded promotional products.

Restaurants, bars, casinos, airline companies, distilleries, cruise ships, caterers, hotels and countless other sectors have trusted Royer products for over 40 years. Our stirrers, picks and promotional products add branded value and elegance—while also serving as functional assets.


BG Reynolds

Syrups Sponsor

Syrups that take cocktails from good to great!

Bartender Approved - Made by Blair for use in his bars and finer cocktail establishment around the world.

Fresh & Natural Ingredients - Real cane sugar, juice, and real spices only. No artificial flavor or color, ever.

Done with Daiquiris or miserable about your Margarita? Ditch the simple syrup and use BG Reynolds to make fun new flavorful cocktails.



Women Owned

For the last 30 years, we have been dedicated to feeding families a source of authentic nutrition. Producing fresh, clean label juice has been a labor of love for our family. Today, we are proudly women-owned and family-driven.

Minimal Processing

At Natalie’s, we want the quality of our ingredients to shine. That’s why we hand select and source the finest fruits and vegetables available. Our juices are handcrafted in small batches to ensure authentic freshness. We specialize in making clean, nutritious juice made with integrity.


Devil's Reef - Tacoma, WA

Jason Alexander & Robyn Alexander


Tiki UNderground - Akron, OH

Sean & JessIE Coffey


ATL Retro


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Miss Candice!

Complete your vintage look!

Miss Candice specializes in vintage hair styles and dramatic cuts and color and will be available onsite at Inuhele with a special rate for attendees.. book now!

Hi! I am a stylist 8 years in the making. My specialty is vintage hair styling with a passion for coloring and cutting. I enjoy combining classic and modern techniques in my work with all types of hair. Originally from Arizona, I began a college career in photography. However, my desire to roam the streets of New York became too great to resist!  My obsession with mid-to-late 20th century history, art, music, and fashion became a huge part of my life while in NYC.  Later, after moving from Brooklyn to Atlanta, I found my calling in the cosmetology industry. I look forward to meeting new people, and helping to create your desired look! See my work via Instagram @miss_hair_extraordinaire

I should be available to take appointments in my room Friday 1-8 provided I can get an early check-in and Saturday 10-6.  Check the Adventure Board onsite for details!

I can also do room service those days as well.  I can charge $65.00 (my normal fee is $75).  Call 404-304-3201 or email to book


Antique Factory

5505 Peachtree Rd, Chamblee, GA 30341

8,000-sq.-ft. merchant for retro '50s ware to avant-garde art deco items to kitschy Americana.