Tiki Tango

Friday night tikibar shuttle sponsor & VIP Event Location

Tiki Tango is the sponsor of our inaugural Inuhele Tiki Hop-on Hop off Shuttle.

Coming to Atlanta Jan 2019!
Tiki Tango will be an amazing large tiki bar in Atlanta with 3 floors and 2 decks worth of lush poly-pop decor, amazing cocktails, and delicious small plates.

BG Reynolds

Iron tikitender On Tour Sponsor

Syrups that take cocktails from good to great!

Bartender Approved - Made by Blair for use in his bars and finer cocktail establishment around the world.

Fresh & Natural Ingredients - Real cane sugar, juice, and real spices only. No artificial flavor or color, ever.

Done with Daiquiris or miserable about your Margarita? Ditch the simple syrup and use BG Reynolds to make fun new flavorful cocktails.


Silver Scream FX Lab

Professor Morte's Silver Scream Spookshow

We are a fiercely talented team of artists and fabricators for all your film, TV, and theatre needs! Led by Shane Morton of Atlanta, GA., the Silver Scream FX Lab team has been involved in projects such as Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell on Adult Swim, Dear God No!, and the much loved Silver Scream Spook Show. 

In addition, the Silver Scream FX LAB is the creative team behind the Cheddar Goblin in the recently released Mandy, starring Nicolas Cage.  

Our team has also created floats for both the Little Five Points Halloween Parade and the Atlanta Pride Parade and designed and built haunted attractions, including Madeline Mendoza’s Casa de Muerte, a 3d haunt, for Six Flags Over Georgia's Fright Fest.

We also provide prop rental and sales.

Continue to explore our website to see our past projects and visit our store to see our current products.

SOS Tiki Bar

VIP Event Location

Uke Republic

Ukulele Class sponsor

Established in 2007, UKE Republic is one of the foremost exclusive ukulele dealers. We curate only quality brands that have proved to be consistent in fine craftsmanship and materials. We quality check and setup every ukulele for optimal sound & playability. We contribute to the tight-knit ukulele community by being involved in local ukulele festivals, and also hosting performers and workshops. We are passionate about the ukulele and we love our ukulele ohana! Mahalo!


Sveinn Photography

Event Photographer

As an Icelandic native I have a deep love for connecting with beauty, nature and mystery. My career began in 2007 after a life-long love affair with photography that began from watching my grandfather Sveinn Þormóðsson, a famous Icelandic Photo Journalist. After having traveled extensively around the world, I call Portland, Oregon my home now.

My photography styles are Fine Art, Creative Portraits, Pinup, Lifestyle and Boudoir, that said, my passion in photography is to capture people and their story, whatever that may be. I thrive on creativity and find solace in the moment of inspiration.


When Ukuleles Attack?!

Official INuhele Homebar Bus entertainment