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Derek Yaniger

I'm Derek and I make with the art bit like...crazy, man! I scribble with a solid retro-vibe. Drop in on my site when ya' get a tik-tock and hopefully you'll dig it the say the LEAST!

Pat Vassar (The Green Tiki)

I began drawing robots, dinosaurs, and my cat when I was 2. Skulls and other cool stuff (ie., Girls) followed soon enough. Tattooing over 25yrs, painting on and off over 40yrs. 

I began carving and painting Tiki Art upon moving to Florida in '99/2000. Ashley, myself and our two teenage girls live and work in St. Pete. We both work at Eekum Bookum, where I help with design and sculpting.

Kymm Bang

Kymm! Bang is a Chicago native reinterpreting 1960's gravel art through New Century eyes. She offers “futuristically retro" designs that reflect the many beautiful and intriguing facets of the Mid Century and Tiki aesthetics, while giving them a modern pop feel.

Eekum Bookum

Eekum Bookum mugs are designed and sculpted by artist John Mulder (aka: Mulder142) and his team of artists in stoneware in his St Petersburg, Florida studio.

As my tiki mug collection has grown, so has my fascination with the art and culture of the South Pacific and I have included its influence in much of my art for many years.

BG Reynolds

Thank you for your generous sponsorship!

Megan Maude

Megan Maude is an Atlanta based brand that creates unique, retro and Japanese street fashion inspired looks for women who want to be fancy and cute but not harmless.

All Megan Maude products are proudly designed and produced in the United States under ethical working conditions.

Tiki Zombie

Tiki Zombie is a comic series illustrated by Peter Cutler, written and created by Michael Gordon. Over half a decade of adventures that have also inspired two music cds. Peter has contributed to various other comics, including Hero Cats and the upcoming Beastie Bunch. Michael can be heard saying, “Howdy!” on the weekly Earth Station One podcast.

Professor Morte's Silver Scream Spookshow

Shane Morton is an actor, musician, special effects makeup artist, and all around rennaissance man when it comes to horror. He co-starred in the film Dear God, No!, as well as provided special effects makeup for it, Adult Swim’s Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell, and many other productions. As Professor Morte, his Silver Scream Spookshow is now back live bi-monthly at the Plaza Theater.

Blackbird Finery

Making the world a more Dapper Gentleman at a time. Frustrated at the lack of Gentleman's items available at local conventions and events, Jason started Blackbird Finery in 2013. He has been a presenter at 221Bcon, Anachrocon, Frill, Dragon Con, RuffleCon, and Teslacon on matters of both vintage style and etiquette. In 2015 he was a guest on the podcast "Stuff You Missed In History Class".

Dr. Mike's Shaving Emporium

Dr. Mike's Shaving Emporium is a hand picked selection of traditional shaving products to help you get a closer, more effective, and more enjoyable shave.

Swankpad productions

Tim "Swanky" Glazner has been collecting vintage goodness for over 30 years, many of his collections have been featured on websites, blogs, in magazines, in a calendar, and even discussed on radio podcasts. He contributed a large amount of images and video to the two documentaries coming out in 2012, "Plastic Paradise" and "The DVD of Tiki" as well as being featured in those projects for interviews.
His most recent project is a history of the iconic Mai Kai in Ft. Lauderdale.

Tiki Rancher

Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.

Handpicked Hawaiian

 Are you looking for the perfect vintage Hawaiian shirt?  Handpicked Hawaiian specializes in vintage Hawaiian styles for the whole family.  Say "aloha" to color as you search through hundreds of tiki items! From Marlins to pin-up girls, we've got kitsch covered.

Junkhauler Arts

Junkhauler has been a tiki collector since the 90's and creator of related mugs and art, through his Ocea Otica line, since 2003.  He is excited to take part in his first Atlanta tiki weekender after being part of the Los Angeles community previously.

Old Rags Inc

Vintage Tiki mugs, Men’s and Ladies Aloha Wear, Bar Goodies, and fun stuff!

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Vendor Info

The vendor room is CLOSED, but we WILL have a Bazaar where remote artists may submit pieces for consignment and business cards for display.  Email  jchaffin @ with the subjectline BAZAAR INQUIRY for details.

Inuhele Weekend will have a curated vending room.  Load in will begin Friday Feb 15th at 8am. Vending hours will be 2-8pm Friday and 10-4pm Sat.
Important: load OUT will have to be accomplished by 6pm Sat.